Is Residential Laundry Service an Affordable Laundry Alternative residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

Of all the weekly household chores, doing laundry is one of the least appealing ones. Maybe it’s the boring nature of folding clothes or the frustration that develops after a dry cycle returns clothes that have retained moisture. Perhaps the time commitment makes doing laundry less than appealing. After all, what would you rather be doing: Washing and drying clothes or watching your favorite television show? The less-than-appealing nature of doing laundry leads to one question.

Can you afford residential laundry services?

5 Reasons to Switch to a Laundry Delivery Service residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

It’s hard to fit everything into a weekly schedule, family, personal, and professional obligations take up every minute of your time, and you often wish you had more minutes to spare. Because of your busy lifestyle, signing up for a laundry delivery service as part of a package of residential laundry services makes both financial and logistical sense.

Here is why crossing off “doing laundry” from your to-do list should be a priority for you and your family.

Folding vs Hanging What is Best residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

It seems like you have done all of the hard work. Properly washed and dried, your laundry sits in a basket on your bed ready for the final stage of the cleaning process.


Do you keep all of your laundry neatly folded as it sits in the basket, or do some of your clothes deserve a better storage fate by hanging certain apparel in the bedroom closet? The timeless debate on whether to fold or hang clothes is much more than maximizing limited storage space. It also is about what is the best strategy for keeping your apparel looking new. As a highly-rated provider of residential laundry services, we offer a few helpful tips that solve the following debate.

Folding vs. hanging: What is best for your clothes?


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