Your busy schedule makes it difficult to fit more than one laundry day into each week, much less washing and drying your clothes more than one time within a seven-day period. However, you have heard that residential laundry services cost too much to be worth your time. You just have to find the time to squeeze in an early morning or a late evening laundry session that keeps your clothes looking and smelling fresh until the time comes to wash and fold laundry again.

Not so fast. Hiring a laundry delivery service delivers several benefits that do not break the monthly household budget.

Handy Tips to Prevent Shrinkage of Your New Clothes Residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

With the holidays in our rearview mirrors, the attention has turned from the season of giving to taking care of all the new clothes we received. Add to our holiday apparel windfall the possibility of receiving more clothes on Valentine’s Day and our birthdays, and we need to find out from one of the best residential laundry services how to prevent shrinkage for our new clothes.


When you use residential laundry services, you provide specific instructions about how you want the business to treat your clothes and accessories. Some of the instructions regard the clothes you would like to have dry cleaned and the amount of starch you want for your shirts. Do you include an instruction for the laundry delivery service to place your delicates in mesh bags? If protecting your clothes matters, you should separate delicates from clothes that can handle rougher wash cycles.


No other day of the year brings such a large gathering of people to the same table. Not even any of the holiday celebrations in December compares to the sheer amount of food that sits on a Thanksgiving day table. After the last plate is removed and the platter of loose turkey meat pulled from the decorative silver platter, the time has come to assess the damage done to the linens adorning the table and the clothes worn on our backs. You need to know how to remove Thanksgiving mean stains.


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