Residential laundry services know how time-consuming it is to give clothes the proper treatment, but they also know how to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. If time isn’t an issue for you, it’s worth reviewing your laundry process for mistakes that could cost you clothing repairs or replacements.

1. Ignoring the care tags

All clothes, bedsheets, and washable fabrics come with care instructions typically found on tags. An extremely common mistake people make is ignoring the instructions in favor of what they think is passable or easiest. This method might work for durable fabrics made to last improper care, but for more delicate items, the instructions are vital to keep them in the best shape. 

On newer items or those still relatively new, the instructions are easy to find and read. On older items that have seen their share of washes and clothes with removable tags for smooth fits, you’ll have to follow care instructions for their fabric type, but the safest treatment for any washable fabric is handwashing with gentle detergent and cold water.

2. Washing all your laundry the same way

Another common mistake is treating all fabric types the same and applying the same washing treatment. Some people choose to ignore care tags and wash their clothes in the same wash and rinse cycle, mixing undergarments with jeans and outerwear to save time. This might work for tougher fabrics and clothes they don’t mind taking rougher treatment, like graphic t-shirts or already worn-out items. 

While this method works for some households, it’s not at all ideal for when wardrobes expand to include dress shirts, delicates, dry clean only, because the habit will be to dump everything together. This can be fatal for fabrics that need tailored care, and cost you extra in repair or a replacement.

3. Treating stains the same

No two stains are the same unless they’re caused by similar sources. Most stains can be split into the categories of protein, tannin, and grease. Protein stains are caused by organic sources, such as blood, dirt, grass, and sweat that causes yellow collar rings. Tannin stains are caused by rich food sources like coffee, wine, and chocolate. Grease stains are caused by oil, butter and other cooking ingredients.

Each stain category has a specific way to be treated, though they all could do with a presoak in cold water to loosen the stains. Most stains can use the same over-the-counter pretreatments, but afterward, it’s good to get more specific. For clearing protein and grease stains, use enzyme-based presoaks and cleaners. For tannin stains use a mixture of water and vinegar. For oil stains, sprinkle baby powder on top and let it sit for 15 minutes, then scrape it off before finishing with dishwasher detergent.

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