Do you agree with the saying, “Time is our greatest asset?” If you had more free time every week, what would you do?


- Take up skydiving

- Take a class to help you advance at work

- Spend more time with your kids

- Other:


An easy way you can free up valuable time every week is using Laundry Care Express’ San Jose laundry service with free pickup and delivery to your home or office. Wouldn’t you just love to give away your laundry chores to a laundry service in San Jose you can trust? Our gentle and expert “wash and fold” laundry service for San Jose area residents and businesses, not only saves you time, but will keep your clothing and linens looking their best and lasting longer (think: save money on clothes).


Our San Jose laundry care service is affordable and fast, with standard next business day service. From every day clothing to sheets and towels, blankets and comforters, to car covers and throw rugs, our laundry service will be done according to your preferences, i.e. scented or unscented soap, bleach or no bleach, fabric softener or not, etc. We’ll sort your colors, whites, and delicates, and handle your items gently to keep them looking their best, and then return them neatly folded and hung on hangers.


Another time-saving benefit of Laundry Care Express’ San Jose laundry service: you don’t have to be home for pick-up and delivery. Laundry Care Express offers more than laundry service – we offer dry cleaning and dress shirt laundry – for residents and businesses.


Learn more about our San Jose laundry service today, and make the best use of your time.




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