When you use residential laundry services, you provide specific instructions about how you want the business to treat your clothes and accessories. Some of the instructions regard the clothes you would like to have dry cleaned and the amount of starch you want for your shirts. Do you include an instruction for the laundry delivery service to place your delicates in mesh bags? If protecting your clothes matters, you should separate delicates from clothes that can handle rougher wash cycles.

However, you can do a better job protecting your delicate clothes. The solution for much better protection is to separate your delicates and place them in mesh bags, which you can wash on the delicate cycle at home or at your favorite laundry service. Washing your delicates in mesh bags that run on a delicate cycle is like handwashing your clothes. The bags, which are designed with durable and flexible meshing, resist the damage caused by heat while allowing water to move through the bags to clean clothes thoroughly.

Mesh Bags Work Well for More Than Just Delicates

Mesh bags work wonders for delicates that are highly vulnerable to pulling, sagging, and twisting. When you use the right type of mesh bag, your delicates remain more compact, which prevents them from moving around during a wash cycle. Some of the types of delicates that work best for mesh bags include hosiery, bathing suits, and softer materials such as silk, wool, and cashmere.

If you have thrown your socks in with other types of apparel, you probably have noticed when they come out of the wash cycle they look nothing like the pairs of socks they did before they went into the washer. Using a mesh bag for socks also eliminates the timeless mystery called the tale of the missing sock. You also should consider placing jeans and coats into mesh bags to protect the delicate fibers that make up the clothing.

Tips for Using Mesh Bags

Professional laundry services know how to use mesh bags to protect clothes and ensure each clothing item comes out in pristine condition. First, avoid purchasing mesh bags that come with a drawstring. A string can come loose, as well as wrap around or snag onto clothing. Second, make sure to use mesh bags that are large enough to handle a typical wash cycle. Third, purchasing different size mesh bags provides you with more washing options. You can wash socks in a smaller bag, while placing all the jeans that require washing in a larger bag. Finally, The mesh should be durable enough to handle years of wash cycles, as well as the frequent trips made by a laundry delivery service. Remember that dress shirt laundry should go through the dry cleaning process.

Can I Put Mesh Bags Through Dry Cycles?

Wash cycles are not the only culprit that turns delicates into ruffled fabrics. After washing your delicate clothes by using mesh bags, you should simply remove the mesh bags from the washing machine and put the bags in a dryer. Since you protected your clothes during the wash cycle, there is no reason to risk losing the fresh look by removing the clothes from mesh bags and running them on a delicate dry cycle. One of the many benefits of using mesh bags is you can shorten dry cycles by nearly half the time you normally dry your delicate clothes. Remove the mesh bags from the dryer and then air dry them on hangers or by attaching clips to a line.

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