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It seems like you have done all of the hard work. Properly washed and dried, your laundry sits in a basket on your bed ready for the final stage of the cleaning process.


Do you keep all of your laundry neatly folded as it sits in the basket, or do some of your clothes deserve a better storage fate by hanging certain apparel in the bedroom closet? The timeless debate on whether to fold or hang clothes is much more than maximizing limited storage space. It also is about what is the best strategy for keeping your apparel looking new. As a highly-rated provider of residential laundry services, we offer a few helpful tips that solve the following debate.

Folding vs. hanging: What is best for your clothes?

Let’s Start with Folding

You already have spent time washing and folding your laundry for storage. Now, which type of apparel should remain in its folding position?


Contrary to popular thinking, polo shirts should remain folded after a wash and dry cycle. Polos typically consist of thick materials that keep them crease-free in a dresser drawer or on a single shelf that provides storage space in a closet. Hanging the heavier than average short sleeve shirt can cause the materials to stretch when secured by a hanger.


Sweaters represent another type of material that manufacturers design with heavier materials such as wool or a wool-cotton blend. The cooler-weather apparel is known for stretching when hung in a closet, as well as taking up valuable storage space when secured on a hanger. Thicker winter sweaters can cover more space than a few traditionally designed pants and blouses.

Shorts and Sportswear

Hanging shorts and sportswear can dramatically alter how the apparel fits you after being placed in storage. The heavy-use clothes store well folded up in a dresser or placed on a shelf for easy access. You should not be as concerned about the appearance of shorts and sportswear, which makes the clothes the ideal candidate for folding in storage.

Clothes to Hang for Storage

The apparel that you wear to work, school, and/or to a special outing represents the clothes you should hang in storage.


Designed with lighter materials, dresses need to hang in a closet to preserve the feminine look of the vulnerable fabric. Folding dresses causes the garments to wrinkle, which diminishes the aesthetic appeal of the apparel


From a stylish jacket to a formal vest, you should hang each component of a suit. As a part of our residential laundry services, we offer dress shirt laundry that prevents unsightly creases and wrinkles from harming the appearance of the delicate materials.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Typically designed with lightweight materials, long sleeve shirts, especially ones that are button-down, need to be placed on a hanger to prevent the development of creases and wrinkles. Ironing long sleeve shirts to eliminate creases and wrinkles is not only time-consuming, but it also can damage the materials.

Not every type of apparel answers the folding vs. hanging debate. You can fold or hang clothes such as jeans, scarves, and t-shirts. Hiring a laundry delivery service ensures your clothes receive the right type of storage method.

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