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You have a limited amount of closet space to store what feels like an unlimited amount of clothing. Is it hopeless for you to create a well-organized closet?

One of our residential laundry services involves organizing clothes before we complete our laundry delivery service. Let’s see how you can continue with what we started by learning closet organization tips for your clothes 

Start with Decluttering the Closet

You cannot create more space inside a closet unless you get rid of the clothes you no longer wear or apparel that has fallen out of style. Create three piles called “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Garage.” The “Garage” pile goes into the garage until the day you decide to hold a sale. Donate the clothes you no longer wear to organizations such as Goodwill and the American Red Cross. You also want to remove non-apparels such as vacuums and suitcases.

Add a Small Dresser

Temporarily hang a few button-down shirts to get an idea about how tall a dresser should be to place inside the closet. A small dresser optimizes a space that otherwise is not used for storing clothes. You can put socks, t-shirts, and undergarments in a dresser drawer to free up more space on the racks and the shelf that runs across the closet.

Buy a Second Clothes Rack

Buying a second clothes rack increases the amount of space that you have with the closet clothes rack, as well as allows you to move around apparel based on seasonal wardrobe preferences. For example, if winter has come to an end, you can rotate long-sleeve shirts into the closet and break out the short sleeve shirts that keep you comfortable during the warmer months of the year.

Divide and Conquer

One of the most effective ways to organize a disheveled closet is to divide apparel. You can divide clothes by types, such as jeans, skirts, and dress shirts, or base your division strategy on the bulk and height of your clothes. If you are a visual organizer, you can divide your clothes by color and design. The key is to keep the clothes that you wear often in easy to reach locations in your closet.

Install a Shelf

Whether you install the first shelf or add a second one to the closet design, you increase the amount of space you have to store your clothes. Closet shelves make ideal locations to store t-shirts and casual pants. You can make it a do-it-yourself project or hire one of the home improvement experts at your favorite home and garden store to complete the quick job for you.

Rack Your Shoes

Although it is a convenient thing to do, avoid the temptation of placing your shoes on the newly installed closet shelf. Shoes can take up a considerable amount of space, which means raising them off the ground by placing them on a shoe rack represents an effective closet organization strategy. Once you place a shoe rack inside the closet, how you organize your shoes on a rack is all up to you.

Fold and Hang Like a Champ

How you wash and fold or hang your clothes is just as important as deciding where to place your clothes. Use multi-purpose hangers to combine accessories such as ties, belts, and scarves. Stack folded clothes on the shelf or shelves, as well as hang pants on a hook organizer to ensure they remain free of wrinkles. Store smaller bags inside bigger bags to save space as well.

Organizing your clothes closet goes a long way toward how much space you can create in the rest of the bedroom. Get rid of the clothes you do not want and then follow a few tips to organize your clothes closet.

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