Residential laundry services offer many benefits for busy households. The most important benefit is the amount of time you save by not having to perform one of the most mundane household chores. Simply schedule for laundry pick up service, and leave the rest of your laundry obligations up to the highly-rated professionals at Laundry Care Express.

When you outsource your laundry, you can expect to receive clothes that present a pristine appearance. You also benefit from not having to invest in a washer and dryer, which can save you more than $1,000. The financial benefits also include lower utility costs because of dramatically reduced water and energy bills. One of the services offered by Laundry Care Express that separates us from the competition is our wash-and-fold laundry service.

At Laundry Care Express, one of the most common questions that we hear is “Can I take drapes and comforters to my residential laundry service? The answer is an emphatic yes, as our state-of-the-art facility includes a high-tech dry cleaning system that handles the toughest laundry requests. Our dry cleaning equipment removes the toughest stains, while at the same time maintaining the attractive appearance and structural integrity of your drapes and comforters.

Why Should I Take Drapes and Comforters to My Residential Laundry Service?

Dry cleaning represents a process that does not involve the use of water. Because it does not involve the use of water, dry cleaning is the right process for the most delicate of fabrics like the ones used to manufacture drapes and comforters. We insert your dry drapes and comforters into a dry cleaning machine, and the machine then releases a solvent during a tumble action process.

Let’s review why it makes sense to take your drapes and comforters to our residential laundry service.

Protects Fabrics

Putting household items such as drapes and comforters through a standard wash and dry cycle weakens the fabrics. Weakened fabrics succumb much quicker to daily wear and tear, as well as do a poor job of retaining warmth. Just one wash cycle stretches the delicate fabrics that form the structural foundation for drapes and comforters, which also diminishes the strength of the fabrics.

Prevents Shrinkage

One of the most important buying factors for drapes and comforters is the size of each type of household item. Cleaning both drapes and comforters by washing and drying them in standard machines shrinks the two household items. On the other hand, our dry cleaning system prevents shrinkage to maintain the appearance of drapes and comforters, as well as keeps the household items at the size required to provide full coverage.

Thorough Cleaning

The best residential laundry services not only do a better job of cleaning clothes, but they also do a better job of cleaning household items such as drapes and comforters. Every time you bring your drapes and comforters into Laundry Care Express, you can expect both items to return to your home looking like you just bought them from a store.

Rush Service

Let’s say you need your drapes and comforters immediately cleaned. When you contact Laundry Care Express, you can request rush service that gets your household items back within 24 hours. This is an especially important service if you need your drapes and comforters cleaned before the arrival of guests staying at your home.

Laundry Care Express offers several services that save you time and money. One of our most popular time and money-saving services is dry cleaning household items such as drapes and comforters.

Residential Laundry Services — San Jose & Santa Cruz

Laundry Care Express offers laundry pickup and delivery services to residents all over the Santa Cruz and San Jose areas. Schedule a laundry pickup today.


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