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Of all the weekly household chores, doing laundry is one of the least appealing ones. Maybe it’s the boring nature of folding clothes or the frustration that develops after a dry cycle returns clothes that have retained moisture. Perhaps the time commitment makes doing laundry less than appealing. After all, what would you rather be doing: Washing and drying clothes or watching your favorite television show? The less-than-appealing nature of doing laundry leads to one question.

Can you afford residential laundry services?

Although outsourcing your laundry might seem cost prohibitive, the reality is not only are residential laundry services affordable, but they also can save you money, especially in the long run.

The Cost of a New Washer and Dryer

Maybe you are moving into a new home that does not include a washer and dryer. Another possible scenario is the machines you have used for the past 12 years have seen better days. Whatever the reason, hiring a company like Laundry Care Express to clean your clothes saves you money because you do not have to pay for a new washer and dryer. New washers run anywhere from $450 to $3,500, while a new dryer can cost between $390 and $3,000. This means you can save between $790 and $6,500 by outsourcing your laundry.

Lower Utility Bills

Washers and dryers consume an incredible amount of energy, which leads to paying higher utility bills. If you wash and dry clothes a couple of times a week, your utility bills can push past the amount listed in your family budget. If energy costs are high, then how do residential laundry services afford to keep their businesses open?

It’s called economy of scale, which is an economic principle defined as a proportionate savings of costs in relation to an increase in production. For a business like Laundry Care of Express, economy of scale refers to an increase in customers that reduces the cost per customer of powering washers and dryers.

Preserve Your Apparel

How many times have you ruined an article of clothing while doing laundry? The answer is probably too many times to count. As a result of damaging apparel, you have to dip into your bank account or pull out a credit card to replace a damaged article of clothing. When you hire a business that provides residential laundry services, you can rest assured that every article of clothing that you send comes back in mint condition.

This means no more budget juggling to account for replacing damaged clothes.

Free Services

One of the misconceptions many people have about residential laundry services is the requirement to pay out of pocket for services that go beyond washing and drying clothes. However, when you hire Laundry Care Express, we take care of washing and folding your laundry to protect your clothes, as well as free up more time for you to tackle more challenging projects. We also offer an affordable dry cleaning service.

Residential Laundry Services — San Jose & Santa Cruz

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