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Although washing your clothes at home often is a viable option, you sometimes do not have the time to tend to the common household chore. This is when the highly-rated residential laundry services provided by Laundry Care Express come into the picture.

What Are the Benefits of Residential Laundry Services?

The residential laundry services offered by Laundry Care Express offer several benefits for our customers.

Saves You Time

Doing laundry is not a labor-intensive chore. However, it takes considerable time to wash and dry laundry, especially if you run multiple loads through both machines. By taking your clothes to Laundry Care Express, you free up more time to tend to other responsibilities, such as attending a child’s recital or completing a work project. Even better, using the laundry delivery service provided by Laundry Care Express allows you to remain at home while we do all the work for you. Our laundry delivery service also includes a wash and fold laundry feature.

Save You Money

You might be thinking, “How does having a business provide residential laundry services save me money?” First, time is money, and the more time you spend doing laundry, the less time you have to make money. Second, think about all the energy required to run a dryer and washing machine for several hours at a time. By taking advantage of the residential laundry services provided by Laundry Care Express, you save money on monthly utility bills.

Dry Cleaning Service

Not every one of your clothes should go through standard wash and dry cycles. Some of your apparel contains highly-sensitive fabrics that require a more delicate touch to clean. Laundry Care Express offers a dry cleaning service that allows you to drop off business attire in the morning and return after work to pick up your apparel. Laundry Care Express also offers a dry cleaning service for more than just clothes.

What Household Items Should Laundry Care Express Dry Clean?

When you think of a dry cleaning service, you probably think about a service that cleans dress shirts, pants, and jackets, as well as sensitive fabrics like silk and cashmere. However, we also offer a dry cleaning service for household items.


Bedspreads such as sheets, duvets, and comforters benefit from the delicate, yet effective method used for dry cleaning. Laundry Care Express uses large enough equipment to dry clean large comforters like those that cover a Queen size bed. We remove the stains and other filth that accumulates, while ensuring you receive clean bedspreads that look like they are in mint condition.


Most drapes and curtains feature highly delicate materials that do not fare well when put through standard wash and dry cycles. Drapes and curtains also are frequently neglected for scheduled cleanings. The result can be a significant build-up of dirt and grime that requires the use of a professional dry cleaning machine. Drapes and curtains designed with wool or velvet especially benefit from the dry cleaning process.


Rugs represent the household item that places a limit on size. Although Laundry Care Express has more than enough capacity to dry clean small to medium size rugs, you need to use a commercial carpet cleaning machine to clean a large rug that covers an entire room. Our dry cleaning process restores the vibrant colors and patterns of rugs.

Residential Laundry Services — San Jose & Santa Cruz

Laundry Care Express offers laundry pickup and delivery services to residents all over the Santa Cruz and San Jose areas. Schedule a laundry pick up today.


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