Folding vs Hanging What is Best residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

It seems like you have done all of the hard work. Properly washed and dried, your laundry sits in a basket on your bed ready for the final stage of the cleaning process.


Do you keep all of your laundry neatly folded as it sits in the basket, or do some of your clothes deserve a better storage fate by hanging certain apparel in the bedroom closet? The timeless debate on whether to fold or hang clothes is much more than maximizing limited storage space. It also is about what is the best strategy for keeping your apparel looking new. As a highly-rated provider of residential laundry services, we offer a few helpful tips that solve the following debate.

Folding vs. hanging: What is best for your clothes?

How to Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

Putting away the old and bringing out the new is an appropriate way to describe how we change our clothes to account for the change of seasons. The clothes that keep us warm during winter make way for a new set of apparel to welcome in the warmth of spring.

Whether it is a do-it-yourself project or the result of hiring a business that provides residential laundry services, knowing how to keep clothes smelling fresh is an important element in breaking out a new set of apparel for a change in season.

What Makes Dry Cleaning Better residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

When you conduct research to find the best company that delivers residential laundry services, you consider several criteria, including cost, timing, and quality. One criterion that many customers fail to consider is called dry cleaning. What makes dry cleaning better than other types of residential laundry services?

There is more than one answer to that question.

Closet Organization Tips for Your Clothes Residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

You have a limited amount of closet space to store what feels like an unlimited amount of clothing. Is it hopeless for you to create a well-organized closet?

One of our residential laundry services involves organizing clothes before we complete our laundry delivery service. Let’s see how you can continue with what we started by learning closet organization tips for your clothes