Doing a load of laundry seems so simple. You toss your clothes in, add soap, hit a random button, and hope for the best, right? If that’s your usual laundry day routine, chances are you’ve experienced more than a few shrunken or dyed items, leftover soap residue, or even permanently damaged clothes.

As it turns out, there is an official way to do laundry. For best results, let Laundry Care Express;residential laundry services save you time by taking care of your household laundry. Or, stick to the following steps to get the perfect load of clean clothes at home.

When the label says Dry Clean Only, people generally follow suit, but may not understand why it’s so important! Dry cleaning will keep your clothes looking their best. Here are some the benefits of dry cleaning over machine/hand washing:

Do you agree with the saying, “Time is our greatest asset?” If you had more free time every week, what would you do?


- Take up skydiving

- Take a class to help you advance at work

- Spend more time with your kids

- Other:


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