No matter your age, laundry is a chore. Your dirty laundry baskets can quickly pile up with clothes—especially if you have small children or teenagers who just won’t put in the effort. It takes time and effort out of your schedule, and even more so if you have to travel to the laundromat and wait out the cycles. 

Many families turn to residential laundry services to take this load off their shoulders, but you can speed up your laundry by structuring it with the “sort as you go” routine.

In 2020, videos went viral of people soaking loads of laundry in bathtubs filled with a Borax solution. The result: clothes floating in a puddle of murky water. The solution supposedly stripped out all the grime, leaving the clothes fresher than they’d ever been. Before you try out this method, read below to learn how it works and if you’re better off with residential laundry services.

2021 is here, and spring is a couple of months away. Soon it’ll be time to transition your closet from winter to spring, and that means storing away off-season clothing. To keep them in the best shape for the next winter season, follow these best practices:

Before you begin, clean all the clothing to be stored

Before you pack away your winter clothes, they should be washed and dried. All stains should be deep cleaned and treated as best you can. Once your clothes are stored, all the time spent sitting will harden stains. If you have piles of winter clothes to store, you can save time by having residential laundry services complete this initial step. You’ll especially benefit from having laundry services take care of your thicker clothes, such as coats and jackets.


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